February 2013 archive

How to Fix: Internet Explorer has stopped working

“Internet Explorer has stopped working“. Look familiar? Another common one as of late is “[Object Error]” that just won’t go away. This bit of nastiness can be a real pain when someone is just trying to check their mail, Facebook, or read the news. The fix is pretty easy, most of the time. First, you …

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Home Server vs. VPS – a quick Cost and Performance analysis

Which is cheaper: Running a server from home, or renting a VPS (Virtual Private Server)? We’re trying to pinch pennies where we can, and my son Derrick suggested upgrading an extra PC we have and running his Minecraft server at home. Would it save enough money to be worth it? I didn’t know the answer. …

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Blocking IE10 on Windows 7? Here’s how to block Internet Explorer10

When Internet Explorer 9 was released, I hesitated to install it and was glad I did. IE9 stinks. So does IE8, but it at least works with some business apps that I need to use frequently. Internet Explorer 10 is coming out for Windows 7 soon, and personally, I don’t want it. So, with no …

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