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Help! My WordPress Website has Bieber Fever!

Bieber 4ever!

“Help, my WordPress website is randomly redirecting to a Justin Bieber video!” Have no fear, citizens of Netropolis! Your website has contracted a case of Bieber Fever, but we can cure it in a few simple steps. But first…. how was Bieber Fever passed to your site? Did The Bieb bless it with his presence? …

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24×7 Help – How to remove

┬áIs there a man or woman’s face at the top right of every window? Or down in the system tray or notification area? You’ve got the “24×7 Help” program on your computer. Notice that I said “program” not “virus”. Many people think that 24×7 Help is a virus. It isn’t. Its just plain and simple …

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How to Fix: Internet Explorer has stopped working

“Internet Explorer has stopped working“. Look familiar? Another common one as of late is “[Object Error]” that just won’t go away. This bit of nastiness can be a real pain when someone is just trying to check their mail, Facebook, or read the news. The fix is pretty easy, most of the time. First, you …

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