February 2014 archive

Book Review: “I am AWAKE” by Fisher Samuels

“I am AWAKE” —- “John Watson, PhD student, husband and father to be, struggles to keep his research and career goals on track as he discovers strange anomalies in his artificial intelligence system. As his fledgling expert system grows capable of autonomously navigating, understanding and interacting with the Internet, his dreams begin to unravel when …

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Soylentnews.org is almost up!

They have a first post already, and are almost ready for launch. Its amazing what has happened inside just a week. Check the progress at http://soylentnews.org!

Slashdot alternatives popping up!

Tonight on IRC channel ##altslashdot.org another slashdot.org alternative:┬ápipedot.org! It’s not using Slashcode (the original code behind slashdot) but its definitely got the right idea. Its developer is still building it and its not ready for prime time. It’ll be interesting to see how all these separate ideas come together.