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Using a Linux Laptop as a Wireless Bridge

Is it possible to use Linux for a Wireless Bridge? You bet! Last night one of our USB wireless adapters kicked the bucket. Being down one, I decided to see if I could come up with a creative solution rather than plunk down another $20 that I may or may not have right now. One …

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Mechanical Keyboard Review: Monoprice Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

IBM Model M Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard: A long time coming (back) That’s how I’d describe my journey to the mechanical keyboard. But before I go into that, lets back up about 20 years to the mid 90’s. Or even farther, to about 1991. I was a teenager at the time and making money refurbishing XT/AT’s and 286’s. I came …

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Help! My WordPress Website has Bieber Fever!

Bieber 4ever!

“Help, my WordPress website is randomly redirecting to a Justin Bieber video!” Have no fear, citizens of Netropolis! Your website has contracted a case of Bieber Fever, but we can cure it in a few simple steps. But first…. how was Bieber Fever passed to your site? Did The Bieb bless it with his presence? …

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