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Surviving The Internet on Low Speed DSL

In March 2013, my family moved from the center of a small town, where 35mbps cable was available, to the outskirts where the best DSL speed is 1.5mbps. We traded the noise and hubbub of town center for the peace and quiet that comes with living out in the sticks. There are more details of …

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How To Make your Computer Faster, Part 2: Disabling Startups and Malware

In Parts 1 and 1.5 we talked mostly about junk removal, cleaning up temporary files, cookies and the like. Doing that will lay a solid foundation for the next steps: Disabling unnecessary start-ups and getting rid of any viruses or malware. In Part 1.5 we took a look at Piriform’s CCleaner program, and how you …

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How To Make your Computer Faster, Part 1.5: Cleaning the junk

As we mentioned in the previous post on this topic, Junk is the number one cause of slow computers. It also encompasses a lot of things! Temporary files, cache files, pointless (or worse) programs, the list goes on. I strongly suggest that you check out my posts Removing old Antivirus that cause slowness and instability …

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