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cPanel: Unable to update the quota file (.ftpquota): [Permission denied]

I ran into this error when trying to create an addon domain in cPanel. An strace showed it hung up on the path “/” before timing out and then giving the error: Unable to update the quota file (.ftpquota): [Permission denied] Something is apparently starting at / to get to .ftpquota. The best way to …

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Surviving The Internet on Low Speed DSL

In March 2013, my family moved from the center of a small town, where 35mbps cable was available, to the outskirts where the best DSL speed is 1.5mbps. We traded the noise and hubbub of town center for the peace and quiet that comes with living out in the sticks. There are more details of …

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Creating a Remote GNOME desktop with VNC on CentOS 6 for your VPS or Dedicated Server

You suffer from slow Internet speeds and need to do manage large file transfers. Perhaps you need a backup desktop that you can get to from anywhere. There are a host of reasons that you would want to run a remote desktop on a VPS or dedicated server, or even on a home server. The …

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