iTunes 10 Install Error "a network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C: WINDOWS\Installer\Quicktime.msi" and "The installation of Quicktime did not complete successfully. iTunes requires Quicktime."

I ran into this error on a computer recently, and found a sure fire way to fix it. If your iTunes installation says “a network error occurred” and then quotes c:\windows\installer\(file).msi then there is a very easy way to fix this.

Download iTunesSetup.exe and place it on the desktop for ease of locating it.

Download and install 7zip from

Right click on iTunesSetup.exe and go to ‘7zip’ and then click on “Extract o iTunesSetup\”

Now you’ve got a folder with all the installation files.  They are:

Now, move all of those files into the c:\windows\installer\ window you opened at the beginning. Once moved, run the SetupAdmin.exe file. Install will proceed as normal.

PS- this fix is completely original. I did not copy this content from anywhere. I banged my head against the wall for 2.5 hours before it dawned on me what I should do.


  1. Thanks bud, your post helped me a lot. Didn’t want to run the SetupAdmin.exe for some reason, but just copying the extracted files to the installer folder did the trick. Thanks again

  2. Great! I’m glad it could help. 🙂

  3. Me salvaste cuate casi 1 mes sin sincronizar el ipad i el iphone. gracias desde guadalajara Mexico
    Albin Haro

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