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"Manage Wireless Networks" has blank or missing information in Windows

I came across this problem on my own computer. When going to “Manage Wireless Networks” in the Network and Sharing Center, I saw icons for the wifi networks I had previously connected to, but the data in the columns was blank. I did some googling and came across a couple of posts that had the …

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Firefox Crashes with no addons enabled

I had to troubleshoot a computer with Firefox 12. Firefox 3 ran fine. I cleared the profile in case that was corrupt, and it did nothing. It would start fine in safe mode. After troubleshooting for a while I found the issue. Hardware Acceleration was turned on by default, which was causing Firefox to crash. …

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Turning off Automatic Reboot when Windows 7 Updates

┬áHaving windows 7 automatically update is fine and all but by default it will reboot the computer if needed. That can be a problem. So to prevent that, take the following text and save it as ‘automaticrebootoff.reg’ in notepad and then double click on it to import it into the registry. This turns the automatic …

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