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How To Fix: Diagnostic service policy is not running

 I haven’t had a chance to try this one out, but it looks like a fairly obscure problem with a fairly easy fix.  If you get “diagnostic service policy is not running”, try this.Open an administrative command prompt, and paste in the following commands: net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice net localgroup Administrators /add localservice Restart …

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Removing old Antivirus that cause slowness and instability

Antivirus programs are notorious for leaving behind “stuff” that will cause a computer to be slow and unstable. Getting rid of old anti-virus programs is a pain in the neck, but once you know a little secret, it gets a lot easier. The trick is to get rid of any left over drivers from old …

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How to Fix: Internet Explorer has stopped working

“Internet Explorer has stopped working“. Look familiar? Another common one as of late is “[Object Error]” that just won’t go away. This bit of nastiness can be a real pain when someone is just trying to check their mail, Facebook, or read the news. The fix is pretty easy, most of the time. First, you …

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