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Junkware and Adware identification and cleaning

Sometimes a computer has so much junk on it that we’re not sure what is good, and what isn’t. I have compiled a list of programs and companies that are known to be garbage and can be safely removed. In some cases, they are classified as viruses, but they can be removed via the control …

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Turning off Automatic Reboot when Windows 7 Updates

┬áHaving windows 7 automatically update is fine and all but by default it will reboot the computer if needed. That can be a problem. So to prevent that, take the following text and save it as ‘automaticrebootoff.reg’ in notepad and then double click on it to import it into the registry. This turns the automatic …

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Easy Fix: Microsoft Security Essentials won’t update: Error 0x80248014

0x80248014 Error Microsoft Security Essentials error 0x80248014 got you down? We’ve been there! We found an easy fix that should work great for you. Follow below for the simple fix. I recently had a customer who got one of those “your hard drive is about to die” viruses. I removed the virus, fixed windows update …

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