Biting the hand that feeds less and less: Boycotting for 1 week

Much of the readership of This Blog is due to being featured on on of my favorite sites,, many times. I have been a member there for many years and hope to be in the future, as well. But last week, Slashdot introduced Beta, or rather, What Slashdot Is Going To Look Like next.

It. Is. Horrible.

Its ugly, difficult to navigate, and takes away the simplicity of web 1.0 that has kept me at Slashdot so long. It tries to look like ARS Technica, and fails. The quality of the posts has gone down, as has the relevance. News for nerds? Sorry, but This Nerd doesn’t care about the latest iPhone, and other pointless thinly veiled advertisements wryly called “slashvertisements”.

So for this week- the readership of Slashdot- you, me, everyone who makes Slashdot what it is- are boycotting it. It’s not a political statement, its not an activist statement. It’s us, saying “Yes, we care enough to prove it.” is going to try to revamp the old Slashcode (the code that runs on, and was Free Open Source Software until 2009) and make a Slashdot alternative that doesn’t stink. I wish them well! They have an IRC channel open and are showing previews of the site.

##altslashdot – freenode Web IRC

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