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4 months and 4 days: Back in the saddle

Hi there. So uh… yeah. Did you miss me? Hello, Internet. Over here! Yes. Hi. So what the heck happened? Well, I’ll tell you what happened. I was being a good blogger and posting frequently… sort of.. and one day I checked my stats and Google decided that my site wasn’t very interesting. My search …

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Book Review: “I am AWAKE” by Fisher Samuels

“I am AWAKE” —- “John Watson, PhD student, husband and father to be, struggles to keep his research and career goals on track as he discovers strange anomalies in his artificial intelligence system. As his fledgling expert system grows capable of autonomously navigating, understanding and interacting with the Internet, his dreams begin to unravel when …

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Biting the hand that feeds less and less: Boycotting for 1 week

Much of the readership of This Blog is due to being featured on on of my favorite sites,, many times. I have been a member there for many years and hope to be in the future, as well. But last week, Slashdot introduced Beta, or rather, What Slashdot Is Going To Look Like next. …

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