Category: Hardware

Project 50/50 – A Low Budget Linux Laptop Rebuild

For a long time, Linux advocates have said that Linux is great for reviving older computers, turning a slow obsolete computer into something worthwhile. Having been a Linux user for over 10 years, I have done this several times myself. Usually though, I have done it simply because I could. Maybe turning an old desktop …

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Laptop Won’t Turn On

Laptop Won’t Turn on? Every so often I come across someone who has a laptop that won’t turn on. The description is often that the laptop has a blank screen, won’t boot, or has no power. The effects are the same: When you push the power button, nothing happens. It’s as if the battery and …

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Dell: Primary Drive 1 Not Found or Primary Drive 0 Not Found

This problem typically crops up on older Dell Dimension and Optiplex desktops but could also happen on the Inspiron and Latitude laptops. It seems scary because it acts like the hard drive is dying but usually its a lot simpler than that! The solution: Boot the computer and immediately start tapping the F2 Key¬†to get …

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