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Project 50/50 Part 4: 8800mah Battery Upgrade

In Project 50/50 Part 3, we installed Crunchbang Linux and got it configured. I used the laptop for a couple of weeks, looking to see what the laptop needed next.  The original Compaq battery that came with the laptop was very old. It worked though, and would keep the laptop running for about 20 minutes. …

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Project 50/50 Part 3: Installing and configuring CrunchBang Linux

Project 50/50 is coming along nicely. In Part 1 we procured the hardware. In Part 2 we checked the hardware and swapped out the hard drive. Now its time to get down to business, and get an Operating System installed. At the outset, we decided that CrunchBang Linux would be the distribution of choice and …

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Project 50/50 Part 2: Examining The Goods

In our introduction to Project 50/50, we talked about the basic specifications of the laptop, and about some upgrades that could happen in the future. Before all that happens though, we’ve got to be sure we’re starting with a solid foundation. Let’s face it: If the laptop is a piece of junk, the project will …

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