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Project 50/50: Conclusion

In the previous installments of Project 50/50 we selected a laptop, made some changes, installed Linux, and got the battery upgraded. In this round, we’re going to look back at over a month of use and getting intimately familiar with the Compaq Presario v5000, Crunchbang Linux, and the battery. We also promised to explore a …

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Project 50/50 Part 4: 8800mah Battery Upgrade

In Project 50/50 Part 3, we installed Crunchbang Linux and got it configured. I used the laptop for a couple of weeks, looking to see what the laptop needed next.  The original Compaq battery that came with the laptop was very old. It worked though, and would keep the laptop running for about 20 minutes. …

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“mod_security plugin could not connect to the database”: How to fix

The Problem: mod_security plugin could not connect to the database Someone recently came up with the following error when trying to use the Mod Security plugin in cPanel: ‘The mod_security plugin could not connect to the database. Please verify that MySQL is running. Error: Access denied for user ‘modsec’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)’ The problem is …

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