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How To Make your Computer Faster, Part 2: Disabling Startups and Malware

In Parts 1 and 1.5 we talked mostly about junk removal, cleaning up temporary files, cookies and the like. Doing that will lay a solid foundation for the next steps: Disabling unnecessary start-ups and getting rid of any viruses or malware. In Part 1.5 we took a look at Piriform’s CCleaner program, and how you …

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How To Make your Computer Faster, Part 1.5: Cleaning the junk

As we mentioned in the previous post on this topic, Junk is the number one cause of slow computers. It also encompasses a lot of things! Temporary files, cache files, pointless (or worse) programs, the list goes on. I strongly suggest that you check out my posts Removing old Antivirus that cause slowness and instability …

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How to Make your Computer Faster, Part 1

The two top reasons for computer repair these days is viruses, and a slow computer. It seems to be natural almost that a computer gets slower as it gets older. But lets analyze that notion for a moment: Computers are machines with very few moving parts. It isn’t as if the processor starts getting slower …

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