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Using AutoHotKey to assist the Elderly, Disabled and more.

In this article I’m going to introduce you to a powerful program called AutoHotKey. Please take a moment and go to their site at and view its capabilities. We’re going to focus on the simpler, but very powerful things it can do. But first, proper introductions are in order. My journey to AutoHotKey started …

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Pictures and Documents don’t show up in Browse/Open dialogue box, but show up in Windows Explorer

Recently I was doing work for a customer and came across something I haven’t seen before in all my years doing repair work. If you used Windows Explorer and went to Libraries and then Pictures, you could see everything there just fine. But, open up Gmail,, Yahoo or any other webmail, and then try …

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24×7 Help – How to remove

┬áIs there a man or woman’s face at the top right of every window? Or down in the system tray or notification area? You’ve got the “24×7 Help” program on your computer. Notice that I said “program” not “virus”. Many people think that 24×7 Help is a virus. It isn’t. Its just plain and simple …

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