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Outlook 2016 Deletes POP Mail

Outlook 2016 Deletes POP Mail There have been reports lately that Outlook 2016 deletes pop mail from POP3 servers, despite the “Leave a copy of messages on the server” option being checked. Microsoft is apparently aware of this bug, and working on a fix. The only fix is to remove recent Microsoft Outlook updates, or …

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Clipboard Manager for Windows: Tech Tool Tidbit

Ditto Clipboard Manager

Have you ever wished that your clipboard could hold more than one thing at a time? Most Linux desktop window managers have such a thing built in, but this functionality is missing from Windows and always has been. Today I want to share with you a clipboard manager that I’ve found that works well. But, …

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Tech Tool Tidbit: Zim Desktop Wiki

Introducing Ryan’s Tech Tool Tidbits. I’ve found some cool tools over time and I’ll share them here. If you have suggestions, please leave them in a comment or on our Facebook page. I’d like to share with you a program I use for work and even for personal things: Zim Desktop Wiki. It’s a great …

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